Page audit of accessibility with Tanaguru

Quick steps (for the impatient)

  1. For a given project, click the Audit pages link
  2. Click the Launch the audit button
  3. Have the results

Detailed steps

Step 1

Let say we have a project for the BBC website, click the Audit pages link.

Step 2a

Type in the URL of the page to be audited.


  • The URL must be on the domain (here under, like
  • Sub-domains are considered different sites. E.g can't be audited with the project (you have to use a dedicated project for

Step 2b

Eventually adjust the Options.

Step 2c

Click the Launch the audit button.

Step 3

Have the result.

Page audit options


For a given referential, select a level (priority), for instance A, AA or AAA.

HTML markers

HTML Markers are used to increase automation. Please see the dedicated page for HTML markers

Colour contrast

This disables all the tests on colour contrasts. Check this box if the website offers a CSS to have valid contrasts (like on