Tanaguru is an opensource (AGPL license) website assessment tool. It is dedicated to accessibility (a11y) audits, and focuses on reliability and high level of automation.

Problem & solution

Making your website better is hard. Better for users, better for developers, better for the client. W3C standards can bring a lot of help, but they are kind of tedious to understand and implement.

Tanaguru helps you in making your web site accessible. It tests your pages, whole site, or application and gives you precise and detailed insights on the identified issues.

You can install Tanaguru by yourself or use Tanaguru in SaaS


Four kinds of audit

  • offline file audit
  • page audit
  • entire website audit (Heritrix crawler embedded)
  • scenario audit (pages with sign-up, multiple-steps forms, electronic procedures, web applications...)

(That's the DOM that is tested, thus dealing with JS/AJAX/ARIA)

Accessibility Analytics

  • Metrics and graphs to follow your accessibility growth


  • Create your own rules
  • Optimise++ with integration in Quality Assurance tools like Travis, Jenkins...
  • multi-lingual: English, Spanish, French, and any other language you would add :)


  1. Automate as much as we can and even more :)
  2. Be 200% reliable (don't give erroneous result)
  3. have technological fun !


Tanaguru latest release (.tar.gz, ~100Mb)


Directly on Tanaguru SaaS

Installation and documentation

  • Tanaguru User doc
  • Tanaguru Install doc
  • Tanaguru Maintenance doc
  • Tanaguru Developer doc

Tanaguru wiki (registration is warmly welcomed, please email mfaure AT tanaguru. org)

More precisely:

Business: accessibility

What tests are covered ? The ones we like most:

  • color contrast with solutions offered
  • language change in the page

And the usual ones:

  • all usual tests like the "tag and attributes tests" (missing alt, table headers check, frame title...)
  • downloadable files / office files (spreadsheet, wordprocessor...)
  • switch of context
  • and much more tedious silly tests you won't have to deal with

By january 2014, this represents ~170 accessibility tests

Support and discussions



  • email to tanaguru AT tanaguru dot org (only english, french and klingon is spoken :) )
  • Twitter @TanaguruApp

Other opensource tools

All these projects are opensource and also under the umbrella of Tanaguru Github account

Have Fun

Tanaguru Team